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16/3/2014 “The SARCHA STASIS” lecture/seminar, Newcastle School of Architecture
“The SARCHA STASIS or On What We can Not Do”: Dr Maria Theodorou was invited to deliver a lecture and seminar on the work of SARCHA at the Architecture Theory and Criticism MA course, School of Architecture, planning and Landscape, Newcastle University, UK, on 20 February 2014. www.ncl.ac.uk/apl/study/postgraduate/taught/archtheory/description.htm

9/2/2014 Another architecture history is possible
MayDayRooms and SARCHA with the Leeds school of architecture first year students discussed the possibility of another education in architecture history in London on February 6, 2014. See more at http://sarcha-architecture.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/another-architecture-history-is.html

25/6/2013 DEMOS@¬LFA2013 Presentation/Discussion 28/6/3012
Associates participants and invited guests review the ideas submitted at the DEMOS by SARCHA open call Friday 28 June 4.30-6.30pm at the Westminster Forum The University of Westminster 32-38 Wells Street London W1T 3UW Confirmed Guests: N. Boyarsky T. Stoppani J. Chryssostalis B. Hatton N. Matziounis J. Andrews M. Smith T. Hoshino P.Tambakaki. Organised by SARCHA and its Strategic Partner in London: The Westminster Law and Theory Centre in the context of LFA2013 http://www.londonarchitecturediary.com/event.php?id=3864

17/1/2013 Istabul & Copenhangen Vasilopita (new year’s pie) Talks: sharing ‘Food for Thought’ - 23/1/2013
This year SARCHA is sharing f’ood for thought’ by combining the traditional Vasilopita (new year’s pie) with two talks by invited speakers. The first talk, Panorama of Istanbul, will be delivered by Nigel Westbrook, Ass. Prof. Faculty of Architecture (UWA) and the second, The Freetown and the New Town in Copenhagen, by Signe Sophie Bøggild, MA & MPhil, freelance researcher. Venue: Wednesday January 23, 2013, 18.30-21.30 at the Finish Institute Hostel at Ioannou Soutsou 25, 11474, GYZI Athens. More at http://sarcha-architecture.blogspot.gr/2013/01/istanbul-copenhagen-sarcha-vasilopita.html

17/1/2013 City and Citizenship: Sarcha in Conversation with Richard Sennett - 21/1/2013
Following an invitation by the Onassis Cultural Center, SARCHA will be in conversation with the American sociologist Richard Sennett on the topic ‘City and Citizenship’ on Monday January 21, 19.00-21.00, at the Onassis Cultural Centre, 107-109 Syngrou Avenue, 117 45 Athens free admission / live steaming at www.sgt.gr /see more at http://sarcha-architecture.blogspot.gr/2013/01/richard-sennett-sarcha-on-city-and.html

6/1/2013 SARCHA & University of Western Australia (UWA) on PERaTHens
Continuing its visiting school programme inaugurated in 2012 with postgraduate architecture students from London Bartlett UCL and Newcastle University, SARCHA welcomes undergraduate students of the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Visual Arts of the University of Western Australia (UWA) for a two months (Jan-Feb 2013) travelling design studio. More info http://sarcha-architecture.blogspot.gr/2013/01/sarcha-university-of-western-australia.html

20/11/2012 SARCHA hosting MA_Architecture Design Research, Newcastle University 02 – 07/11/ 2012
Aiming at continuing and expanding its co-fertilization with architecture schools worldwide, SARCHA hosted the field trip of the MA_Architecture Design Research, of Newcastle University. Students work under the direction of prof Mark Dorrian on the theme Athens: Salvaging_Scavanging Urbanism. To introduce Athens to students, SARCHA prepared a daily programme of site visits (02 – 07/11/ 2012). More info at SARCHA’s blog http://sarcha-architecture.blogspot.gr/2012/11/salvagingscavanging-athens.html

20/11/2012 SARCHA @ DISSIDENCE - AHRA Conference London
SARCHA’s work was presented at the “Architecture and the Paradox of Dissidence”, 9th International Conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) organised by the School of Architecture, London Metropolitan University, on 15-17 November 2012. See more at http://sarcha-architecture.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/sarcha-dissidence-ahra-conference-london.html

9/10/2012 SARCHA August - October 2012 activities
Visit our blog http://www.sarcha-architecture.blogspot.com/ to read information on our August - October 21012 activities which include: Urbanism in an Age of Austerity (UAA): SARCHA partners and the AHRC UK funding / Beyond the constraints of Reality: SARCHA at Bartlett MArch Urban Design final crits /The Housing of Democracy: Dr Maria Theodorou key note at the Southampton’s Law School Workshop /The City Flow Game: SARCHA met SIZ

2/6/2012 Athens Travelers at the ‘p_public 2012’ festival, Chania, June 8-10
The ‘Athens Travelers’ Itinerary 2 “Degrees of appropriation: Open City Spaces” will be presented at the ‘p_public 2012’ festival (Chania-Crete, June 8-10) by our associates and members of SARCHA’s working team: Dora Giannaki- Political Scientist (MA), Veta Gerliotou – Architect Engineer, Magdalena Pantazi – Architect Engineer (SMArchS). See more on Athens Travelers programme at www.athenstravelers.sarcha.gr and have a feeling of the tours at www.facebook.com/athenstravelers.sarcha.gr & www.twitter.com/AthensTravelers

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